Join Rasmus

Rasmus Real Estate is never satisfied with our accomplishments. We are constantly looking for promising new members to add to our team because we know that our overall success will flourish from the achievements of the individuals that make up our team. We are open minded and we do not judge a candidate based on his or her background. On the contrary, we see your potential in real estate and will train you so that you can make it to the place you would like to be. We welcome anyone that desires to be successful in his or her career and has the drive to accomplish that.


Become a Rasmus Team Member:

Our in-house positions include Asset Manager, Office Administrative Assistant, Valuations Coordinator, Listing Coordinator, Relocation Specialist, Closing Coordinator, HOA Coordinator, Accountant, IT Support, and Marketing. Also, we have our Field Inspectors to check properties and provide first hand photos. We try not to have a rigidly structured office; instead, we are working hard to make our team a family. Benefits: Health Care | Dental Care | Paid Vacation Openings:

Administrative Assistant

  • Please email to
  • Have your subject line state: "Best Admin Assistant because..." - give us 8 words or less why you are the best.
  • In the body of the email, please give us an elevator pitch on why you are the right person.
  • Attach your resume.

Only applicants who followed the instructions above will be considered. We need a quality, day in and day out, give 125% staff member. We are a great team to work with, so we need a great employee!

Become a Rasmus Buyers's Agent

No matter if you are newly licensed or an experienced agent, Rasmus Real Estate Group is the place for you. We are an innovative company that adopts the newest in real estate technologies to facilitate the marketing of our properties, which to you means more sales and cash. We have recently created, from scratch, a cloud-based software which will allow you to get full access to information on our properties from anywhere with an internet connection. We also value the growth of our agents at Rasmus and will provide full broker support as well as regular training to hone your skills as an agent.

Open Your Own Office

Being a real estate agent means entrepreneurship. If you are willing and able to take this entrepreneurship to a new level, there cannot be a better choice than running your own office. Rasmus Real Estate Group has gained extensive experience in the setup and management of new offices and has opened three affiliate offices since its establishment: Athena, Brunswick, and Savannah.

Your Startup Package

  • Branding Package: The Rasmus Creative Team will customize a visual identity system for your brand new office. This will include logo design, website design and hosting, business cards and portrait, yard sign design, social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc), marketing, and anything else you will need to start up your new business.
  • Legal and Broker Support: Our broker will walk you through every step of running a real estate office, as well as our in-house attorney who is always available to assist you whenever problems or questions arise. You will not need to worry about the endless paperwork or running around to get what you need as we take care of everything for you.
  • Annual Conference Coverage & Training: Rasmus Real Estate is actively involved in all real estate conferences, seminars, and webinars. We pay huge bucks annually to cover these costs which afford you access to the latest real estate news, technologies, marketing strategies and networks all at no cost to you.
  • Free Leads: Rasmus Real Estate Group has contracts with major listing websites such as Trulia, Realtor, Zillow, GMLS and FMLS. Whenever a customer contacts us, we reassign these leads to our offices and buyer agents. Therefore, you get FREE leads without any effort on your part to generate them!

Rasmus Real Estate Group is a highly agile real estate firm that maximizes its income by acquiring, holding or disposing of single family residential assets during all market phases.